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Mission Gemini 1

Mission Gemini 1
Date Added: 02/24/2015 by Joe Aman
Mission Gemini 1

I bought two Gemini 1’s a few months ago and before I posted I really wanted to test them out so I could give a somewhat educated review. I own the Kemper profiling amp and the Yamaha moxf6 keyboard, and I can honestly say that these speakers sound absolutely fantastic! I previously had a pair of EV ZLX115 which sounded nice with the Yamaha but sounded a bit harsh with the Kemper. What really surprised me, was how deep and rich the lows were with the Gemini’s twelve inch speaker compared to EV ZLX115’s fifteen inch speaker. With the Gemini’s you hear all the fine nuisances of the different profiles from the Kemper. (e.g. you can hear the differences between, let’s say, a Marshall or a Mesa Boogie etc.). With the Yamaha the pianos sounds full and rich, the organs sounds meaty. As a matter of fact, when I start playing I can’t stop playing, whether or not it is the Kemper or the Yamaha.

After I had purchased the Gemini speakers I had a few questions and when I called Mission Engineering, James spent probably over a half an hour answering my questions and guiding me through the different capabilities that these speakers offers.

In conclusion, I think the speakers sound beyond great, the price I paid was well worth it, and the service is exceptional. I would highly recommend the Gemini 1 or 2 to anyone considering buying speakers. Thanks Mission Engineering!
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