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Friedman Brown Eye Head

Friedman Brown Eye Head
Date Added: 11/15/2014 by Very Happy Friedman BE100 Owner
Friedman Brown Eye Head

I'd not played a BE100 before so was anxious ( in a good and bad way ) about the purchase. Here are some things that are of concern to me that I'd like to mention in case they are of concerns to you. One, the amp is very, very quiet. No hum from the amp or dancing around finding the right position to minimize EMI noise (like 3rd power amps for example). I hate noise and this amp exceeded my expectations. Two, there are no annoying frequencies or overtones. More on the tone later.. Three, it does sound great at 'bedroom volume' .. the taper of volume is so smooth .. it really goes from very low to loud gradually. Four, it feels great to play.. just right amount of feel and response. Not too stiff and not too giving.

Tone. the amp is good... crazy good. The cleans have a 3 way bright switch and you have a lot of control with the treble and bass eq for it. It is a good sounding clean.. nothing at all bad with it.. but its not a standout tone. The BE and HBE is really where this amp was designed to be so to have a good clean with the ability to go from a darker jazz to snappy bright country clean is a great thing if your a one amp guy. But, this is built for gain and this amp goes from mild gain to very high gain. The tone is crunchy and smooth but not too smooth.. It isn't as open as my Marshall VintageModern 2466 but thats ok .. because this amp is meant to be punchy. No booming bass.. just bottom end that is super tight ( it NEVER gets mushy and holds together at higher volumes). And part of the reason it sounds great in the internet videos is that this amp records perfectly.. Its truly one of the best amps I've ever owned and I'm convinced it's really one of the best amps ever made.